The following are my rules for reviews and my current rating system for books.


  1. I only review books/products/recipes/etc [referred to as “things” from hereon out] that I enjoy.  This blog will follow a general “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” policy.  The world has enough negative in it.  Also, I would rather steer readers toward things than away from them.
  2. This does not mean that my reviews will never have criticism.  It is possible to love a thing and still realize it has flaws. That criticism is always my own opinion.
  3. Sending me/allowing me access to things does not guarantee a positive review (and therefore does not guarantee a review).


I’ve struggled for years with how to rate things.  My Goodreads page is full of inconstant ratings (well, not anymore. I removed all my ratings and will start over with the following system).  I’m going to try to articulate in words that make sense to me what each rating means.

1-star: These are things I just don’t like. Maybe I couldn’t get into them, or just didn’t get them at all. You will likely never see this rating. (Refer to rule #1 above.)

2-stars: It was ok. The thing probably wasn’t meant for me, but I can clearly see its potential merit in other’s lives. This happens when you pick things up at the wrong time.

3-stars: It was really good. I enjoyed this thing. It didn’t necessarily blow my mind, but it was enjoyable. I will suggest such a thing to others as appropriate. I may even seek out similar things in the future.

4-stars: I loved it this thing. It was right up my alley, filled with awesomeness. Not only did I enjoy this thing, I may even enjoy it again in the future. I will tell everyone I know about this thing and insist that they love it as much as I do.

5-stars: Holy profanity, Batman! This thing is one of the BEST THINGS EVER. I will try not to use this rating very often, in order to keep it meaningful.  Not only will I suggest such a thing to everyone, I will spend my own money to make sure they all have it.


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