So, life happened, and I got behind. I’m still on target with my word count, but I no longer have the nice cushion I began the month with. My novel is starting to get away with me, and resembles a ball of string. I just hope I can untangle it at some point. I’m getting back ahead of the game today and tomorrow with the word sprint option on the NaNo site. It’s fun, I don’t have to be social, and it will even give me a prompt! My nemesis is about 4,000 words ahead of me now. Catching up on the Q&A, I’ll try to post 3 Qs a day until I’m back on track.

Day 7 – Where’s your favorite place to hunker down and write?

I’m not sure about favorite, but I have done all of this year’s writing from my recliner, generally with a TinyHuman on top of me. I would love to be able to get out and go to a coffee shop or diner or even a nearby library (that I don’t/haven’t worked at). Maybe next year.

Day 8 -List your current, most up-to-date word count. Are you satisfied with your progress thus far?

32,301. I’m ok with my progress. I wish I were further ahead. If I had stuck with the decreasing word goal, I would be at 44,819 by tomorrow evening. I’m not sure I can write 12,000+ words in a day, but it’s worth a shot. The bigger problem with my progress is the aforementioned ball of yarnyness of the story.  In the picture above, my story is the yarn, I am the kitten. Also, KITTEH!

Day 9 – Have you told anyone else you’re doing NaNo this year? Who? What was their reaction?

This is my 16th year, so most people know that I do it. By now, the reaction is along the lines of “yeah, it is that time of year,” and “cool.”