Day 3 recap: Stayed up too late on Day 2 (BECAUSE THE CUBBIES WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!) and so felt a bit less than motivated. Also, 12,000 words in is about when I start to see plot holes or just lose my way. So, my plan was to take it easy, rearrange a few things, redraw my road map through the story, and add to my list of questions to research during my second draft. (First drafts aren’t the time to worry too much about consistency or accuracy.) Instead I took it easy and wrote over 3,000 words. They were 3000 meandering words, but there might be something useful there. If nothing else, I know my main character a little better. Things I learned: she has a hidden collection of flasks,

Day 4 – What genre is your novel? Why did you pick it?

This year’s novel is mainly Historic Fiction that takes place in 1885 London and Alexandria. It may be a bit steampunk, or I may edit that one detail out, if it remains the only steampunk detail in the whole novel. (Spoiler alert: it’s a dirigible.) It could also be alternative history, depending on what my main character does at the end of the book. Does she fight the bad guys and maintain history as we know it, or team up with them and change the future as we know it?

I started wanting to do a steampunk novel that took place somewhere other than England and looked at the various locations under British rule at the time. (Another spoiler alert: most of the world). I was watching the first episode of Timeless, when the Hindenburg exploded, and was inspired to blow up my own dirigible. I decided to put the main character’s best friend on the dirigible, and blow it up where everyone on the shore awaiting it’s arrival would see it. Then, as my story developed, it became more about the history than about the technology. But then again, anything could happen between now, the end of November, and rewrites.

Why do you write in your chosen genre?