YALSA‘s HUB is hosting a new reading challenge! I look forward to the HUB Morris/Nonfiction Reading Challenge and the HUB Reading Challenge every year, as it gives me a chance to read the newest award winning books. This year, they are adding an exciting new challenge to get us reading the backlist of award titles. Many of these awards have been around a long time, and I’m sure that none of us have read them all (and if you have, let me just say WOW).

This challenge is a little less…challenging (?). To complete the challenge, simply get bingo between now and November 15th. With a FREE space at the center, you could conceivably do this with four books! If you want to conquer the challenge, read a title for all 24 spaces (1 less book than you need to complete the spring challenge).

I plan to start off with completing the challenge, but hope to conquer it in the end! I plan to keep track of my reading on this Goodreads shelf created just for this challenge. I would like to say that I will review all the books here, but I’m trying to be realistic these days, and I still haven’t reviewed the books from the challenge this spring. Follow along, or better yet, join in the fun! Let me know where you’ll be keeping track.