It’s been a roller coaster year. The kind that leaves all good intentions in the dust and doesn’t leave room for getting much done. In December, we found out I was pregnant. It was a rough pregnancy all around, but got rougher in June. An abnormal ultrasound got me to a specialist at University of Illinois, after which I was hospitalized for a week with preeclampsia. Things got worse from there, and I had an emergency c-section on June 22nd. I had a little boy, who is currently in the NICU. He was born nearly 10 weeks early. In addition to this, he is small for his gestational age, which brings it’s own complications. I am on leave from work, spend part of every day at the NICU, and am trying to fill the rest of the time with projects other than sleeping. So, expect some changes around here. I will likely archive a lot of the posts, start fresh, get a new look, etc. I will be expanding my focus to include some posts on parenting, particularly what it’s like to have a baby in the NICU. I’ll still post about libraries, information, and books. I’m deciding what type of format feels most natural to me, so there will be a bit of blundering around for a bit. Just like in real life.