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Visuals: Primodia is visually darker. The colors themselves are darker and muted. The scenery is dystopian, the characters a bit broken down. Like the other Wadjet Eye games that I have reviewed, they aren’t state-of-the art graphics. I still feel that is an appeal factor.


Story: The world consists of robots and machines that are no longer working to their fullest capacity. Man is extinct, and also God. Worshipped by the robots, Man’s teaching can be found in the Book of Man. Of late, worship of Man can be dangerous. You, Horatio Nullbuilt, and your companion, Crispin, begin the game trying to save the power source of their ship. As things go in adventure games, you are soon on a quest to bring balance back into the world and stop one robot from taking over everything.

Primordia_metroGame Play: Another point and click adventure. Crispin and you can collect items throughout the game that will be necessary to complete tasks later on. Some items combine to make other items. Some items can be used more than once. I found most of the tasks challenging, but not impossible. The problems in Primordia are more mechanical, and not always straightforward.

Play Time/Replay: I spent a couple evenings on this game. After reading a few other reviews, I found that depending on when you collect items, which answer you give in which order, and what order you go to different locations, there are different game endings. I plan to try this out in the future, and if so, it will give the game more replay value than the other point and click adventures I have played.

Overall: I enjoyed this game for both the game play and the visuals. Well worth a play through, or (hopefully) two.