The Blackwell Convergence is the third of a five game series. I purchased this as part of The Blackwell Trilogy, which includes the first three games (Legacy, Unbound, Convergence).

Visuals: I’m beginning to feel like a broken record on this aspect. Old-school graphics. For more of my opinion, you can look here and here.


Story: In Convergence, we return to play as Rosa and Joey. It is six months after Legacy, and Rosa and Joey seem to be getting along a bit better. One of the characters (besides Joey) from the second games makes an appearance, answering a few of the questions that I was left with from the first game. This time, the duo investigate the murder of an actor, an artist, and a researcher. On opening night at an art gallery, we see an image that reminds us of someone. This is the start of pulling in characters and storylines from the earlier games. I really enjoyed this aspect, as it made the games feel like a continuation of a story, rather than completely separate sequels.

Game Play: A point and click adventure, similar to the first two games. This time, we have our trusty notebook and computer back for research and clue collection purposes. We switch between playing Joey and Rosa, using Joey to get into those places Rosa can’t access. Don’t forget to have Rosa and Joey talk to each other, as sometimes that will be the catalyst to connecting clues.

Play Time/Replay: I spent a good few days on the whole trilogy, binge playing for most of a weekend. This game felt a bit longer than the first two, but could have been longer. (Really, I just want longer games in general, because they were really fun to play). I will play again, in a few years, I’m sure.

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