The Blackwell Deception is the fourth of a five game series.

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Visuals: As in the first three games, this is not a game you play for the graphics. I love it, the graphics stay out of the way of the story, and really, the story is the entire reason for a game like this.


Story: Some time after the events in the third game, we return to Joey and Rosa. An old colleague of Rosa’s calls and asks for her assistance with a case. He’s feeling a bit under the weather and was hoping she could help with interviews. Rosa and Joey find themselves in the middle of an active murder investigation. Clues lead them to a psychic who appears to be at the center of a string of strange suicides. Again, we see some characters from previous games and get to fill in more of the back story and perhaps understand them a bit better.

Game Play: This is a point-and-click adventure game (my new favorite genre). We still play as both characters, and in fact, Joey does a lot of the investigating with the ghosts themselves, leaving Rosa with the human interactions. Instead of a computer and notebook, we have upgraded to a cell phone that we can use to take notes, research, and make calls. The stakes feel higher in this game, and before it’s over, we do risk losing Rosa, Joey, or both.

Play Time/Replay: I spent a good few days on the whole trilogy, binge playing for most of a weekend. By the time I was on this game, I could feel when it was getting close to ending. I know that I’ve said all the games should have been longer, this one as well as the others does a great job at telling a full story without feeling rushed or over stuffed. I’ll replay someday, though not too soon.

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