The Blackwell Unbound is the second of a five game series. I purchased this as part of The Blackwell Trilogy, which includes the first three games (Legacy, Unbound, Convergence). [Yes, this is the same trailer, but I couldn’t find separate trailers for each game in the trilogy.]

Visuals: As in the first game, this is not a game you play for the graphics. In the style of Legacy, Unbound continues to use floating heads to denote speakers in the game. There isn’t a lot to say about the visuals. If you’re in your 30s or over, you’ll get nostalgic, if you’re quite a bit younger, you may be frustrated by the lack of awesome visual effects.


Story: This game is a prequel to the first. We meet Rosa’s aunt Lauren and see how she handles having Joey around. Lauren and Joey are investigating two seemingly unrelated murders, one a saxophone player, the other a woman who used to live in a now demolished apartment building. As before, we dig through the lives of the ghosts in order to find out how to convince them they are 1. dead and 2. need to move on.

Game Play: This is a point-and-click adventure game (my new favorite genre). In this one, we can play as either Joey or Lauren, which comes in handy several times. Joey can go through walls that Lauren can’t. He’s also a lot better at hanging around to eavesdrop on potential suspects. Joey has two tools at his disposal, the tie (which we were introduced to in the first game), and his ability to blow things around the room. Instead of a computer to use for research, Lauren has a phonebook for locating people, which is wonderfully vintage at this point.

Play Time/Replay: I spent a good few days on the whole trilogy, binge playing for most of a weekend. I would have loved for this game to go on longer. I can see myself playing this again in a few years, once I’ve forgotten exactly how it all goes (similar to waiting to rewatch episodes of a mystery show).

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