The Blackwell Legacy is the first of a five game series. I purchased this as part of The Blackwell Trilogy, which includes the first three games (Legacy, Unbound, Convergence).

Visuals: This is not a game with super fancy graphics. There’s pixels, text boxes, and floating heads to denote who is speaking. It works fine for a game like this, based more on the story line and solving clues than on graphics and looking pretty. Personally, this type of graphic makes me nostalgic for my early gaming days.


Story: In Legacy, the game starts with you (Rosa) pouring your aunt’s ashes over the edge of a bridge. As game play begins, Rosa is trying to find out what exactly sent her aunt into the mental hospital that she has been in since Rosa was young. She soon learns that both her grandmother and her aunt went crazy, both making mention of someone named Joey. At the same time, she is called by the newspaper that she freelances for to investigate the suicide of a local college girl.

Possible Spoiler:

Rosa soon meets Joey and learns that he is a spirit, passed down through her family line. Rosa and her ancestors are mediums, links to the supernatural world. Their job is to find other spirits, convince them they are dead, and help them pass on.

Game Play: A point and click adventure, much of the game is spent talking to other characters and building the story line. You collect both clues and items, having to piece them together, combine them, and use them at the right time. I had a little trouble at the beginning, and did have to consult a walkthrough to get past one of the first puzzles, but after that, I found them challenging but not impossible. I am not one who reads or watches a mystery trying to find out who did it¹. That may or may not have lead to any difficulty I had.

Play Time/Replay: I spent a good few days on the whole triology, binge playing for most of a weekend. I wish the game was longer, I had hoped for another case when suddenly I was seeing the credits. I could see myself replaying this game in a year or two, give some time to forget exactly how all the pieces fit together.

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¹Though it occassionally happens. During the “Impossible Astronaut” episode of Doctor Who, I knew who was in the suit. It took forever for the plot to come back around, but I knew, and I didn’t tell anyone.