You emerge into the world from under a pile of rocks. You do not know where, what, or even who you are. A point and click adventure game, you make your way through the world meeting and helping other creatures and collecting and combining items to help you on your way. This is a very dark game visually. It is the darkest night, and everything is cast in shadow.

Visuals: I love the look of this game, the darkness and shadow. The use of small amounts of light for maximum impact. Each scene is 2D, with some interactive objects animated in.

Story: The simple beginning quest to find out who you are soon morphs into a quest to help another abandoned creature. You help many on your way, and travel through five distinct chapters, each with a different and culminating goal. Based on Swedish folklore, many of the items and creatures that you encounter have a history and a mythology to them, explained by the game.

Game Play: For some reason, I couldn’t get my head around holding the left click and then choosing an option (look, talk, touch)¹. There were plenty of puzzles to keep my occupied, a few of which were not obvious at first. Some involved combining a long list of items to create something new for a quest. Some were pattern recognition or sequencing. I only had one problem with the play, where I could not get the creature to react the way I knew she needed to². I restarted from an earlier save and everything worked fine from there.

Play Time/Replay: I spent somewhere between six and ten hours playing, at a very leisurely, watching TV, pace. It does not have immediate replay appeal for me, though it may in a few years when I have forgotten the twists and turns. In the meantime, it’s easy enough to let someone play over a weekend visit.

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¹This makes no sense considering the number of years I spent playing Sims, which reacted nearly the same. The main difference was that in Sims, I could click and then select. In Oknytt, you have to hold the button and slide to the option. Small difference.

²I had already gotten past this part once. Playing in full-screen, without the laptop plugged in, led to me missing the low battery warning. The fact that I didn’t save the game complicated this matter.