This was another game purchased as part of a bundle¹. Hexcells is a puzzle game that plays like Minesweeper with hexagons. When each level starts, the hexagons are orange. As you click on them, the either reveal a blue hexagon, a number which corresponds to the number of blue hexagons adjacent to that cell, or tells you that you made a mistake. The extra sides make it more difficult than Minesweeper, with each piece having 6 neighbors. However, making a mistake hurts your score, but will not reset the game. There are not a lot of levels, and I got through the game in a couple hours initially.

The first time through, I made several mistakes (generally due do hitting the wrong mouse button²), and it hurt my overall score. I spent a couple more hours going back through until I had a perfect score. One thing I noticed as I went back through, the levels didn’t change. So, there will be less replay value than other games. If the positioning of the blue cells was randomized, it would have been a lot better in terms of gameplay and replay value.

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The game does have a beautiful, ambient soundtrack, and the creator has made a playlist:

You can also download the playlist as a .zip file from a dropbox link under the playlist.

There are two more titles in the series: Hexcells Plus and Hexcells Infinite

Purchase Hexcells or the full Hexcells Bundle on Steam or Desura.
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¹I believe that most of my games have been purchased that way, but in case I start purchasing and reviewing single games, which is likely, I will continue to distinguish.

²I don’t know why I couldn’t keep straight which button marked them as blue, and which revealed a number. Even now I couldn’t tell you which one did what without going back through the tutorial. The game does have a quick tutorial on the first level.