I posted this on Twitter earlier this evening:

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Which led to this post! A collection of my favorite quotes/lines from my writing. I will update this post as I write things that I like.

(Liana=DJ; Ilian=Bartender; Cole/I=MC)

I did not yet realize that little girls were supposed to feel ill at ease with older men.

“Liana, at your pleasure. It is a service to meet you.”

I was quickly pulled into the swaying and twisting bodies. Liana swirled and twirled around me, the hem of her skirt swirling about her thighs. I felt her hands on my hips, guiding their swaying, teaching me. She was so close behind me, our bodies moving together. It was so intimate, despite the dozens of people around us. My head swam with the alcohol, the lights blinding me. Suddenly, Liana was in front of me, her hand still on my hips, one of her legs sliding between mine.

…sliding into the slinky siren of a dress… A symbol of a life that I didn’t even know I longed for.

“Would you mind looking away for a moment?”
“Actually, I would mind.”

I was so focused on her touch, her skin, her lips, the way her hair swept over my skin teasing me, that I didn’t hear the door knob turn. I heard her catch her breath as I ran my tongue over her collar bone. I did not hear the door creak open. I heard my own heartbeat as she slipped an arm under me, lifting my shoulders, and bit my neck. I did not know he was there until my eyes fluttered open, my head thrown back, and stared into his face.