The library where I work has a “Getting to Know You” board in the break room. Each month, one employee puts up pictures, information about themselves, etc. June-July is my month! (From halfway point to halfway point.) Since I do not have a lot of pictures of myself when I was younger (they are either lost due to numerous moves, or stored away and not easily accessible), I decided to go with an infographic format and the more recent pictures that are on my hard drive. (Click to enlarge.)The Story of Me (1)This was my first attempt at an infographic. Of course, I am now thinking of different ways to use them in the library! I noticed a few interesting things while making this:

1. I claim that Speculative Fiction is my favorite genre in books. However, the only book that falls in this category is The Chronicles of Narnia series. So either, I am mistaken about what my favorite genre is, or (and this is the answer that I prefer) great writing transcends genre categorization.
2. All of my current favorite TV shows are sci-fi.
3. My favorite movies, however, are generally much lighter in tone.
4. I have favorite office supplies and science/math theories.
5. The number of TV shows that I am currently watching is larger than the number of books I read each year (averaged over the last 5 years that I have data for).