Moments ago, I posted my farewell to 2013. (I just love technology, because in truth, moments ago, I was probably having my “last drink of the year” and preparing for my “first drink of the new year.”) Well, we have rung in 2014, kissed our loved ones, had a sip of champagne. 2013 was a great year, but I’m looking forward to 2014 to be even better. Here’s was I’m looking forward to, what I’m hoping to accomplish, and what I’d like to learn.

Looking forward to:

  • First and foremost, I am super excited for a number of books and TV shows that are coming out, returning, have a new offering in the series, etc. I don’t know if my standards are dropping, or if there actually is some better quality entertainment out there, but either way, I’m excited.
  • All the awesome things that my Girl Scouts are going to do in the next six months, and meeting new members of our troop next September.
  • Continuing to be a participating member of YALSA and LITA.
  • Seeing my article in YALS.
  • A new Doctor! I am excited to see where the series goes and how Peter does in the role.
  • C2E2! This is always a highlight of my year. It’s one of the few times that Husband will be publicly geeky with me.

Hoping to Accomplish:

  • Finishing at least two rooms in the house.
  • A second win in NaNoWriMo or CampWriMo.
  • Establishing better eating, working out, sleeping, cleaning habits.
  • Reading more books this year than last.
  • More blogging. Deeper blogging. I have a few ideas.
  • Better scheduling.

Like to Learn:

  • Python. I’m restarting my Udacity course. I’d like to have a working knowledge by the end of the year.
  • HTML. Again, a working knowledge.
  • Ways to do my job better.
  • More about investing. New ways to save money.

Concrete Resolutions:

  • Go to the dentist! This one is at the top of my list because it causes me such anxiety. I’ve had horrible experiences with dentists, but my teeth cause me serious pain at times.
  • Go to the doctor! Another important one. It hasn’t been that long, but must start paying attention to health issues more seriously.
  • Write at least one sentence in a work of fiction every day.
  • Win a video game. I know, this probably sounds really dumb to a lot of people, but I have only completed one game, ever, in my life. It was Dragon Warrior I, a couple of years ago. Limited attention span, lost games, etc., have always gotten in my way.

I’m not sure that I will get everything done, but my to-do list has always been longer than my day. It gives me options and allows room for improvement. So, what are you looking forward to in 2014?