This past year was an incredible one for me!

The big things:

  • In May, I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Library Science. 
  • In June, I turned 30. 
  • In September, I got a job as an On-Call Reference Librarian at a public library. 

The little(r) things:

  • I have served on two YALSA committees/task forces and a LITA committee. I absolutely love my time spent volunteering for these organizations. A few years ago a set a goal to volunteer 4 hours a week as a form of tithing (it’s 1/10 of a work week in terms of time). With my committee work and the next thing on the list, I feel that I’m putting in at least that much time in a year.
  • I am now a Girl Scout leader! Starting at the end of October, I became a leader for a new Brownie troop (grades 2 and 3). So far, it’s been great fun with a minimal level of stress. The girls are wonderful and so excited about everything.
  • I have written two articles for publication in YALS. The first came out in the Fall issue, the second is coming out next month in the Winter issue. The first article discussed how STEM fields can be more inclusive and how libraries can help teens that are generally excluded gain an interest in STEM. The second one discusses why libraries should care about teens and technology, and why technology access for teens is so important right now.
  • I won NaNoWriMo! First time in 13 years! I got the shirt and everything!

The tiny things:

  • We have begun to buy items to get our house fixed up! We buy things as we find what we like and they are on sale. I think we are almost ready to start the kitchen!
  • I read 19 books this year. This does not include text books, but that would only add one or two to my list. This is down from 2012’s 94.
  • I discovered a number of great new shows on TV. (This may have a large influence on the small number of books I read.)
  • I (finally) have artwork hanging on my walls!
  • I got my license back and have a new car!
  • I saw my mom twice this year. She came to see me for my birthday and I went down to see here in December.
  • I attended my first ALA, met some Twitter friends, and had some amazing tacos. (Tacos are important to me, maybe this should be moved up a category.)
  • I attended C2E2 for the second time with Husband.
  • I had a blast on the Librarian Pub Crawl with Husband. We dressed as Prospero and the Mysterious Guest.
  • I spent a day drinking beer on Soldier Field with Husband and Best-Friend-in-Law.
  • I participated in the October Dewey’s Read-a-Thon.

Things I Learned:

  • How to create/manage databases!
  • How to request items from libraries outside my system.
  • Currently working on some digital archiving.
  • Do not invest in an IPO.
  • You can’t make someone like you, you can’t make them care, you can’t make them be half the person they expect you to be. You can’t always control how you feel about that fact. You can choose to move on from it and not let it into other aspects of your life.
  • The state of library research is in need of much improvement.

I’m sure there were bad things that happened, because there always are, but I choose not to focus on them. How was your 2013? What amazing things have happened to you these last 12 months?