I could have swore I read a book by Francesca Lia Block before. It’s why I felt confident that standing in line for this and another book of hers, The Elementals, despite an increasing headache/dizziness, was a great idea. Then, I looked through a list of her books and realized I haven’t read a single one of them. Standing in that line was still a great idea, as this book was, in one word, shattering.

Ok, that might not seem like a glowing recommendation, but it is. As Pen and her new found friends navigate a post-apocalyptic world from California to Nevada, they find themselves retracing the path laid out in the Odyssey. They know very little about each other, in terms of their past. This gives them the opportunity to really know each other Now. To learns about the type of person each of them is. As they try to find Pen’s family, they struggle with the ideas of love in a world that seems lost to hate.

The short chapters made this a really quick read. I read the first half during commercials, and the second half in one sitting, as I couldn’t put the book back down. Only twice did I feel myself pulled out of the book. The first was during a conversation between Pen and her mom at the beginning of the book. Something that her mother says sounds a little too stiff, too much like a canned response. The second time came near the end, when we find out who Merk is. I can’t decide what was jarring about this, and maybe it is just that it seemed to be shoved into the story. I’m not sure it was necessary, or maybe I felt it needed to be more, it needed more consequence throughout the book.

Having just finished two books by Maggie Stiefvater, I was a little worried about whichever book I picked up next, as I’ve often found that the books I read after one of my favorite authors suffer merely from having followed them. However, this book fully captivated and enthralled me. I have already passed it on to a friend that I think will enjoy it and have several more in mind for it.

Title: Love in the Time of Global Warming
Author: Francesca Lia Block
Pages: 240
Age level: YA
Illustrated: No
Who I handed this book to first: My friend, V, who likes darker stories and beautiful writing. It’s rare I read a book I think she will truly appreciate, but this was one.
Where I read this book: I started reading between commercials, because of the short chapters, and so I could savor it. I finished the second half in one sitting, unable to put it down again.
Setting: California, Nevada, the road between
Favorite Character: Without a doubt, Hex. Strong and soft in all the right ways. Also, he reminds me of someone very close to me.
Favorite Moment: When Pen tells the Giant about his birth, and the resulting action.
Rating4 stars This book will stay with me for awhile.
Book Source: Received an ARC from the publisher.