I have actually had this book since it came out last September. Or maybe since Christmas. Husband traditionally pre-orders me the new Maggie book each year from Fountain Bookstore so that I have a signed/doodled in copy, but he often makes me wait for it as a Christmas present. He’s very “cruel to be kind” like that. So, this book has sat in my house for almost a year without me picking it up. I wasn’t sure why I kept reading other things, but finally, last week, I pulled it off the shelf.

I am so glad that I waited. Have you ever had that feeling of the perfect book in the perfect moment of your life? That was The Raven Boys for me this past week. It pulled me out of a reading funk, it kept me up past my normal bed time, it got the TV shut off.

I loved this book. I have loved all of Maggie’s books, but I really loved this book. It was intriguing, it was creepy, it was surprising. I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I was really surprised by a book, but it’s been too long.

So, this is the story of a girl named Blue. Blue is the daughter of a psychic who has grown up in a house full of women who are also psychic, but Blue herself is not psychic. Blue will cause her true love to die. This is the story of a boy named Gansey. Gansey goes to Aglionby, he has never worried about money, but he has worried about what money makes him. He is on a quest to find a lost king, and one good clue is all it will take to make the quest start moving faster than anyone dared to dream. This is the story of Gansey’s friends. Adam, like Blue, did not grow up rich, he resents the Aglionby wealth, but he sees Aglionby as his way to something better. Ronan is like a cornered animal, ready to strike at any moment. Noah is quiet, watching more than talking, but when he does speak, his words carry a weight that no one seems to argue with.

I don’t want to say more and spoil anything, Maggie creates her own book trailers for each book:

< edit > I edited a few spelling errors. Also, the trailer is no longer able to be embedded. If you would like to see the awesomeness of the Maggie-made trailer, you’ll have to click here! </edit>

Title: The Raven Boys
Series: The Raven Cycle
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Pages: 408
Age level: YA
Illustrated: No
Old habit I picked up while reading: Tarot cards (with the deck I bought the day Husband proposed to me).
Setting: Contemporary, Henrietta, VA
Favorite Character: Noah. He’s just…perfect.
Favorite Moment: I really cannot pick just one, especially not without spoiling the book. Instead, I will just say “The trees speak latin.” Go read the book, you’ll get it later.
Rating4 stars I would give this one 5 stars, but I don’t want to underestimate what I might read in the future. I’d hate to be the judge who gave a perfect score only to see something better from the next competitor.